Mapper II

Mapper II is a fully integrated LiDAR at an affordable price. Ideally suited to get point from the middle level vegetation thanks to its 3 echos. With a new ergonomic design and a stream-lined direct georeferencing workflow, YellowScan Mapper II is an excellent solution for your UAV projects with short-time data processing needs.

Key benefits

  • Robust and reliable,
  • Turn-key and simple to operate,
  • Fully autonomous, can be mounted quickly on any drone,
  • Direct georeferencing workflow for increased accuracy and efficiency of mapping from UAVs,
  • LAS files generated in only a few minutes,
  • LiveStation compatible to view your point cloud live,
  • Camera synchronization for real time georeferencing of your pictures.

Typical mission parameters


120 m

Technical specifications


Ibeo LUX Class 1 laser


905 nm


15 cm


10 cm

Scanner field of view


Shots per second


Echoes per shot

up to 3

GNSS-Interial solution

Applanix APX-15 UAV

* Precision, also called reproducibility or repeatability, accounts for the variation in successive measurements taken on the same target.     
** Accuracy is the degree of conformity of a measured position to its actual (true) value.