Our trainers

Mateusz Maślanka

Currently the Sales & Business Development Manager at ProGea 4D, former head of Training & Marketing at ProGea Consulting. From the beginning of his professional career he was involved in providing advanced spatial products. He successfully implements GIS, remote sensing and LiDAR solutions, focusing mainly on these data environments integration. With his skills he supports  spatial planning, city management, 3D modelling, forestry and agriculture. He is responsible for distribution and processing satellite imagery from Planet Labs, DigitalGlobe, SIIS as well as applications for LiDAR and GIS data processing and cartographic visualization. Trainer with passion and long experience. A graduate of the Jagiellonian University specializing in Geographic Information Systems, currently a doctoral student of Earth Science, geography.

Katarzyna Turek

Currently Training & Marketing Junior Specialist at ProGea 4D. Responsible for sales support and Planet Labs’, DigitalGlobe’s and SI Imaging Services’ satellite imagery processing, especially for environmental monitoring, crisis management, forestry and agriculture. In addition, she is GIS processing and remote sensing trainer. A graduate of the Computer Methods in Environmental Protection speciality, realized at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.

Kinga Wenglorz

Currently Remote Sensing Junior Specialist at ProGea 4D. Responsible for remote sensing data processing, satellite imagery sales and GIS and remote sensing trainer. Interested primarily in the use of satellite imagery in public administration, meteorological and water management institutes, national and regional water management boards, maritime offices, insurance companies and open-pit mines. Graduate in the field of Geographical Information Systems at the University of Silesia.

Kinga Szerszeń

In ProGea works as environmental specialist and landscape architect in greenery inventories. Beside R3 TREES trainer, WebGIS tools serving to manage urban greenery, small architecture or play equipment. She graduated Landscape Architecture at the University of Agriculture in Cracow. Enthusiastic gardening, nature and travel. Particularly interested in the selection of species of plants adapted to the conditions prevailing in the city.