QBase 3D

Using QBase3D is the easiest way to pre-plan an aerial survey mission for Quantum Tron and Trinity UAVs. QBase3D automatically generates efficient flight paths after the flight area and the mission parameters have been defined with a few clicks. These steps allow you to be up and flying in no-time with our powerful and easy-to-use software. You are in complete control over your photogrammetric aerial survey mission and guaranteed full coverage over the area of interest.

QBase3D provides real-time information from your Tron or Trinity. It also features an instrument panel that gives you updates on the altitude, attitude, speed, heading and battery health to help you diagnose your Quantum-System UAV condition at any time. Our QBase3D features a two layer safety system which ensures the success of your mission. The first mission check is integrated within the QBase which performs a possibility check while you plan your mission. Once you transfer the mission to the UAV the integrated autopilot performs a security check in order to ensure the mission can be successfully flown with the available UAV resources such as battery capacity, temperature or sensor status.


The 3D area planning feature provides the automatic creation of flight plans in sloped and mountainous areas. It uses high resolution digital elevation data (e.g. SRTM) to create collision free and energy optimized trajectories for an optimal data quality result.


The corridor planning function creates optimized flight plans for mapping infrastructures like roads, railways and power lines. It optimizes the flight segments according to the terrain altitude as well as the camera characteristics.


The ADS-B data of other aircraft can now be visualized in QBase to preserve the UAV operator‘s situational awareness. Furthermore, QBase performs a risk and collision assessment and offers operator support to prevent collisions. These features enable safe BVLOS flights and missions within controlled airspaces.