WorldView – 4

WorldView-4 is the newest sensor in Digital Globe constellation which mission started in 2016. The  orbit of satellite was 617 km, resulting in imagery with resolution of 0.31 m (panchromatic) and 1.24 (multispectral). The combination of data from WorldView-3 and WordlView-4 gives the opportunity to image an area of interest every 4.5 times a day.

Unfortunately, on January 2019, Maxar (parent company of Digital Globe) announced a failure in the satellite’s control moment gyros and is not recoverable nor producing viable imagery.


Spatial resolution (GSD)

Panchromatic images: 0.31 m
Multispectral images: 1.24 m

Spectral bands

Panchromatic: 450-800 nm

Blue: 450-510 nm
Green: 510-580 nm
Red: 655-690 nm
NIR: 780-920 nm

Revisit frequency

1.1 – 4.5 day


680.000 sq km per day

Radiometric resolution

11 bits per pixel


tel. +48 12 415 06 41