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Dendrological inventory, dendrological monitoring:

  • Species comparison
  • Greenery measurement
  • Health condition of trees and shrubs
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Map with geolocalisation
  • Photo documentation

Inventory and monitoring of small architecture:

  • Equipment comparison
  • Destructions comparison
  • Map with geolocalisation
  • Photo documentation

Implementation of urban green management system R3 TREES:

ARBO TAG distribution:

  • Tree-safe tagging system; Consisting of labels, pins, hammer and magazine for labels

ARBO TAG – tree identification system

More and more owners of public and private land see the need to monitor the state of the stand. Tree design improves resource management and allows for quick identification of vegetation in urbanized areas.

ProGea responds to these needs by introducing a new product – ARBO TAG signumat signage system.

The system consists of: a label, a hammer, a pin and a transport magazine with space for the components.
Personalized labels are attached to the bark with long pins. This way of fixing does not damage the wood and the growing trunk moves the label to the end of the pin so that the label does not grow into the bark of the tree.

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