Laser scanning

Laser scanning (laser scanning) is a fast method of acquiring geometric information about objects. Depending on the size of the object and the expected accuracy of the measurements, various technologies can be used for scanning. Using  LiDAR technology, we get a set of points (point cloud) showing the object or surface we are interested in. Depending on the scale of the project and the expected accuracy, three main branches of laser scanning can be distinguished:

  • Airborne Laser Scanning (plane, helicopter, drone),
  • Mobile Laser Scanning (car, train), and
  • Terrestrial Laser Scanning (mounted on tripod).


Airborne Laser Scanning as a fast and precise technology for acquiring spatial information about the object is used in a wide range of design and inventory works. We offer preparation of final products including studies based on ALS point clouds:

  • Point cloud classification,
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM),
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM),
  • Development of contours.


We carry out full studies of measurement data obtained from mobile laser scanning of both linear objects (roads, tunnels, railway lines) and surface objects (city centers, parks, housing estates). As part of this, we perform:

  • Matching – alignment of the mutual as well as the absolute situational and altitude position of the obtained point clouds in the selected reference system.
  • Classification – basic, on the basis of which a numerical terrain model (DTM) is created at a later stage, and a more complicated one, adapted to the client’s needs.
  • Mapping – vectorization of objects based on aligned point clouds. As with classification, the level of detail as well as the types of harvested elements vary depending on the project.


Terrestrial laser scanning is the most accurate (of the three above) scanning method. Relatively quickly, you can obtain a point cloud with an accuracy of less than 1 cm, which is used during inventory work and is the basis for further action (3D modeling, creating models for BIM). Captured automatically photos, allow to create a coloured cloud of points, which works very well in all project activities regardless of the industry (including architecture, installations, logistics). In addition, the point cloud can be used for promotional activities, eg the development of a visualization in the form of a film.

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