Forests defoliation assessment in the vicinity of Wroclaw motorway bypass

On behalf of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways we carried out in 2015 a nature monitoring of the motorway impact of the Wroclaw A-8 road to two forest complexes: Las Pilczycki (Natura 2000, Las Pilczycki PLH020069) and Las Zakrzowski.

The work involved assessing the degree of defoliation and the health status of stands as well and verifying the state of conservation of natural habitats.

The condition of the trees was assessed on solid surfaces placed in a grid of squares at a distance of 50 and 150 m from the road.

The assessment of the forest condition in the vicinity of the Wroclaw motorway bypass is carried out every three years as part of the post-project analysis.

Protection of xerothermic habitats
Erysimum hungaricum monitoring