Erysimum hungaricum monitoring

Monitoring of Erysimum hungaricum leded by our company at the turn of 2014-2018, is part of a larger project titled “Monitoring the effectiveness of protective measures implemented under the LIFE Pieniny PL project”.

Within the framework of the work the effectiveness of the conservation measures in the Pieniny riverbank habitat will be assessed, on the Czorsztyn hill. This kind of monitoring is necessary to determine the optimum conditions for the development of the species and the possibility of colonization of newly established habitats and the rate of regeneration of turf vegetation. The collected data will allow to verify whether the current treatments are effective, and bring the intended effect.

In 2014, we monitored the initial condition and we sowed piennock seeds in previously prepared places.
In 2015 we monitored the habitat after the cleaning. We also counted the Erysimum hungaricum seedlings that came out as a seedling experiment.

In the following years it is planned to continue the assessment of the status of the starting population as well as further study of sowing success.

Erysimum pieninicum – Is an endemic species occurring exclusively in the Pieniny mountain. It grows on initial soils, with limestone substrate, mostly in the habitat of xerothermic rocky grasslands. In Poland it is subject to strict species protection and it is registered in the Polish Red Book of Plants. In the second annex of the EU Habitats Directive, it appears as a priority species. The largest populations of the Erysimum hungaricum are located on the castle hill in Czorsztyn.

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