Our company ProGea 4D is a strategic partner of American GeoCue company in Poland and the Baltic countries. Both companies participate in the ESRI Partner Program (Silver Partner Network). GeoCue provides GIS Esri customers with modern toolkit (LP360) which allows visualising and editing data obtained from laser scanning (LiDAR).

LP360 is available in three variants with different advance levels and their names have been adapted to the Esri product nomenclature (Basic, Standard and Advanced). LP360 can act as standalone application or in conjunction with at least basic version of ArcGIS (ArcGIS Basic). 3D high performance point cloud processing for the most informed GIS workflow from visualization to automatic processing. Levels available to suit every need.

LP360 for ArcGIS
LP360 32-bit
LP360 64-bit

Basic version allows browsing and conducting custom analysis on LiDAR data.

LP360 Basic

LP360 Standard is designed for LiDAR point cloud classification and edition.

LP360 Standard

LP360 Advanced – designed for the most advanced users.

LP360 Advanced

Tool designed for point cloud visualization.

LP360 Viewer

Version dedicated to processing of point cloud obtained from sUAS.

LP360 for sUAS

Would you like to try LP360?

LP360 Trial Version

Allows data cataloguing on ArcGIS Online serwer.

LP360 Project Publisher

Terabajty danych LiDAR w postaci internetowych serwisów mapowych.