TerraStereo is a standalone application for the visualization of very large collections of LiDAR point clouds. It uses high-performance graphics cards to quickly render very large sets of dots in high quality.

The application allows you to visualize up to 50 billion points that are loaded into the TerraScan project. Moreover, TerraStereo tools guarantee a range of 2D and 3D display possibilities depending on the project needs. TerraStereo allows you to measure distance on the cloud and vectorization of selected elements that can be exported to TerraSurvey.

Examples of application:

  • operating freely on very large point clouds (sets up to 50 billion),
  • visualizations based on TerraScan trajectory files,
  • the ability to create 3D animations,
  • viewing LiDAR point clouds and working in stereo mode,
  • rendering with the option of masking objects,
  • manipulating different levels of rendering quality of point clouds.