Satellites by Wavelength Type

Looking for a Specific Wavelength?
Wavelength Radiation Type(s) Frequencies (excl. subfrequencies) Application(s)
Optical visible, infrared, emitted radiation (thermal, microwave) PAN, VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, Coastal Blue, Yellow, Aerosol, Desert Clouds, Cirrus, Snow, Water, TIR, MW vegetation monitoring, agricultural production, forest area monitoring, land use change monitoring, spatial planning, climate change impact assessment, crisis management, temperature monitoring, large-scale environmental monitoring, identification of algae blooms, object detection, mineral identification, atmosphere monitoring
SAR microwave X-Band, C-Band X-Band (high res SAR): urban monitoring, ice and snow, vegetation penetration
C-Band (SAR powerhouse): change detection, global mapping, ice and snow, maritime navigation