Spatix is a standalone 3D CAD software developed by GISware Integro. It has its own .spx file format, which stores data in vector form with their attributes. Thanks to this solution, there is no need for an additional CAD environment (eg Bentley) in order to use TerraSolid. By supporting common vector elements commonly used in CAD and GIS, you can take full advantage of Terrasolid tools running in a Spatix environment.

This application is a new graphics engine for Terrasolid and is provided free of charge to Terrasolid users. If the tools offered by Spatix are not satisfactory enough, you can extend the program with the necessary functions / tools using the programming interface provided.

Examples of application:

  • creating drawings in 3D space,
  • simple and intuitive interface,
  • numerous tools for creating and editing vector objects,
  • spatial data management,
  • can be activated with any Terrasolid license.