GreenSpaces (R3 TREES)

Urban Greenery management system

GreenSpaces is an integrated and geo-referenced platform for all stakeholders involved in the management, maintenance and documentation of green areas. The Web technology, the simplicity of use, the usability in the field, the ease of activation of new users with different roles and privileges, makes it the ideal tool to coordinate and document all the work related to green areas.

GreenSpaces is an application designed to managent and monitor of all elements of green areas, from trees to green surfaces, street furniture, play equipment, flooring, etc.

The system makes it possible to store detailed data on the health of a tree or the technical condition of a piece of play equipment, thus making a real contribution to maintaining and improving safety in green spaces and playgrounds.

The system allows to give access to the application to different users with visualization-only profiles, to view the activities completed in the areas of their competence, without being able to modify the data.

The application allows for defining and prioritising ordered tasks for contractors who can easily log into the system and have access to job descriptions and maps. The system monitors the performance of tasks on an on-going basis, allows for costing of tasks (defining a price list), calculating contractual penalties for unrealised or untimely tasks, introducing alerts to tasks and generating reports and statistics.
GreenSpaces is designed to work not only in the office, but also in the field. The mobile application allows for supplementing information about objects (trees, lawns, benches, etc.) during the inspection. It is possible to take a photo of an object and use the GPS on the tablet to pinpoint its location. Green area maintainers can send a report with an attached photograph immediately after completing a task.

The most extensive module of the application is the one for trees, shrubs, groups of shrubs and hedges. In addition to basic parameters such as species, crown diameter, trunk circumference, height and age, the application’s database can store information on the health of trees, the presence of bird nesting sites and work orders (completion dates and costs).
A noteworthy feature is the availability of a tree assessment card, i.e. a visual tree health assessment (VTA) form, which contains tabs for a detailed assessment of each tree part, as well as the possibility to determine the conflict with the immediate vicinity and the class of hazard the tree may pose to the surroundings.

Geodata is entered by directly editing the database in a web browser, mobile application or by importing objects in the Shapefile vector format. The application makes it possible to associate an object (e.g. a tree) with a digital photograph, its description, or another document or information layer (*DOCX, *.XLS, *.DWG, *.PDF, *.JPEG). Clarity and intuitiveness allow maximum use of its possibilities also by persons without specialist IT knowledge.
All geodata stored in GreenSpaces database are available for defined user via web browser. Some data is available only for authorized users. This means that any user having access to the application can intervene in the database and view it only within the scope not exceeding his competence.

It is worth mentioning that the application is based entirely on open source solutions, which means that it does not require the installation of additional paid software, thus generating no additional costs.
The organisation of the database and the methods of its editing are the result of many years of cooperation with the local governments of the largest European cities, which have been using the GreenSpaces solution for a long time.
GreenSpaces is a revolutionary product allowing the management of urban green areas in a much more efficient way than before, thus leading to both increased work efficiency and reduced costs.

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