AxelGlobe is an infrastructure owned by Axelspace, which enables Earth observation with a resolution of 2.5 m each day. As of June 2021, the AxelGlobe constellation consists of 5 GRUS satellites, and the GRUS series will continue to be added in the future.
The GRUS satellite is equipped with two telescopes, which contributes to expanding the observation width. As a result, It has achieved both a high resolution of 2.5 m and a wide observation range of 55 km or more.


Spatial resolution (GSD)

Panchromatic images: 2.5 m
Multispectral images: 5.0 m

Spectral bands

Panchromatic: 450-900 nm

Blue: 450-505 nm
Green: 515-585 nm
Red: 620-685 nm
Red Edge: 705-745 nm
NIR: 770-900 nm

Orbital altitude

85 km, Sun-synchronous sub-recurrent orbit

Equator passage time

10:40-11:00 (local time)

Sensor bit depth

12 bits/pixel


55 km or more

tel. +48 12 415 06 41