WorldView – 2

Digital Globe’s WorldView-2 satellite sensor, launched October 8, 2009, imaging in 0.46m panchromatic mono and stereo satellite image data. It was the first satellite from Digital Globe flock, which provided imagery in 8 spectral bands with resolution less than 2 m. Sensor is imaging around 2 million sq km daily, and it’s time interval is 1,1 day. Orbit altitude is 770 km. Data provided by the system are very accurate and are widely used for land cover change detection.


Spatial resolution

Panchromatic images: 0.46 m
Multispectral images: 1.85 m

Spectral bands

Panchromatic: 450-800 nm
Coastal: 400-450 nm
Blue: 450-510 nm
Green: 510-580 nm
Yellow: 585-625
Red: 630-690 nm
Red Edge: 705-745
Near-IR1: 770-895 nm
Near-IR2: 860-1040 nm

Revisit frequency

1.1-3.7 day


1 mln sq km per day

Radiometric resolution

11 bits per pixel


tel. +48 12 415 06 41