KOMPSAT-5 is the only satellite offered by our partners that aquires radar imagery via SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar). Imaging since August 22, 2013, KOMPSAT-5 is an exceptional system that offers 3 product modes (Spotlight, Strip and ScanSAR) in different spatial resolution options and situational accuracy. Archive imagery as well as new tasking. Satellite’s daily coverage is about 1.000.000 sq km.


Sensor type

X-Band SAR

Spatial resolution

0.85 m – Ultra High Resolution (UH)
1.00 m – High Resolution (HR) and Enhanced High Resolution (EH)
2.50 m – Enhanced Standard (ES)
3.00 m – Standard (ST)
20.0 m (L1C, L1D)/ 5.00 m (L1A) – Enhanced Wide Swath (EW)
20.0 m – Wide Swath (WS)


Single polarization (VV, HH, VH, HV)

Revisit frequency

28 days


tel. +48 12 415 06 41