The SkyBox satellite constellation consists of 21 SkySats, imaging Earth’s surface with a spatial resolution of 0.5 m in visible and infrared light. The entire constellation was lowered (in orbit at 450 km) in 2020 to enhance their spatial resolution from the original ~0.9 m to the current 0.5 m (pansharpened through super-resolution processing).

SkySat is a microsatellite, with a small size of 60x60x80 cm, and weight below 100 kg. What sets SkySat apart is it’s claim as the first commercial satellites which are able to deliver video from space with a spatial resolution of 1.1 m at a frequency of 30 fps. With the full constellation of 21 satellites, SkySat can reach some locations up to 12x per day. SkySat has helped push Planet’s already dominate lead in the global satellite market with guaranteed sub-daily revisits.


Spatial resolution

SkySat 1-2 (A-B Generation)

Panchromatic images: 0.86 m
Multispectral images: 1.0 m

SkySat 3-15 (C Generation)

Panchromatic images: 0.65 m (0.72 m archived; 30/06/2020)
Multispectral images: 0.81 m (1.0 m archived; 30/06/2020)

SkySat 16-21 (C Generation)

Panchromatic images: 0.57 m
Multispectral images: 0.75 m

Spectral bands

Panchromatic: 450-900 nm
Blue: 450-515 nm
Green: 515-595 nm
Red: 605-695 nm
NIR: 740-900 nm

Radiometric resolution

16 bits per pixel (PAN)



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