Protection of xerothermic grasslands

Within the framework of the project “Protection of xerothermic habitats in Natura 2000 areas on the Miechów Upland” implemented by the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Cracow, our company has conducted natural studies for twelve areas:

  • Chodów – Falniów PLH120063 (area 7,27 ha)
  • Cybowa Góra PLH120049 (area 18,15 ha)
  • Giebułtów PLH120051 (area 6,38 ha)
  • Grzymałów PLH120053 (area 15,23 ha)
  • Kaczmarowe Doły PLH120062 (area 12,62 ha)
  • Kalina Mała PLH120054 (area 25,64 ha)
  • Komorów PLH120055 (area 4,91 ha)
  • Poradów PLH120072 (area 11,3 ha)
  • Pstroszyce PLH120073 (area 19,44 ha)
  • Sławice Duchowne PLH120074 (area 4,41 ha)
  • Uniejów Parcele PLH120075 (area 3,7 ha)
  • Widnica PLH120076 (area 7,86 ha)

Our task was to execute:
– Protection status monitoring of subjects of protection of Natura 2000 areas
– Monitoring of effectiveness of undertaken protective actions
– Assessment of the rate of changes occurring in natural habitats as a result of natural processes

Powerlines – orthophotomaps