Finally, high-quality map production software that works. MAPublisher® cartography software seamlessly integrates over fifty GIS mapping tools into the Adobe Illustrator environment to help you create maps the way you want, how you want. Import the most widely used GIS data formats, including those from Esri, MapInfo, FME Desktop, AutoCAD, Google and the U.S. Government. Export data to a wide variety of standard GIS formats including the ability to export documents to geospatial PDF and take them mobile with the PDF Maps iOS app. See all MAPublisher supported formats. All GIS data attributes and geographic parameters are maintained and editable. Use MAPublisher tools to create, query, and select features and attributes.

MAPublisher supports Esri ArcGIS 10 geodatabases and ArcMap document (MXD) files*. Connect to Personal, File and ArcSDE geodatabases with ease. Learn more about geodatabase support in MAPublisher. Cartography with MAPublisher is now faster, easier, and better than it has ever been. When used together with Geographic Imager for Adobe Photoshop, they form the perfect vector and raster map creation software package for the Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite. How does MAPublisher stack up to ArcGIS for Adobe Creative Cloud? Take a look at the comparison matrix and you’ll understand how seamless and deep the integration of MAPublisher is within Adobe Illustrator.

MAPublisher Features

MAPublisher FME Auto add-on 

MAPublisher® FME Auto™ provides the ability to import FME FFS files. It also installs as an FME writer to translate GIS data from FME Desktop to Adobe Illustrator. New support for FME Desktop 2015. MAPublisher FME Auto license required.

ArcGIS Online Integration

Sign-in and import Feature Layers, Map Image Layers, Tile Layers, and web services from ArcGIS Online with full attributes and spatial referencing. Geocode addresses with ArcGIS Online using MAP Point Plotter.

Geospatial PDF Import & Export 

Create Adobe Acrobat PDF files containing coordinate system and attribute data from any MAPublisher document. Find locations, measure distances, perimeters and areas, add locations markers and customize export settings. Also import geospatial PDF and GeoPDF® documents and automatically assign data to MAPublisher layers.

Export to Avenza Maps App and Upload to Avenza Map Store

Create map packages from your documents that are compatible with the Avenza Maps app for iOS and Android. Map packages are pre-processed specifically for the Avenza Maps app. An Avenza Maps vendor can upload map packages directly to the Avenza Map Store and have them for sale very quickly. Export to Avenza Maps can be included in a Adobe Photoshop batch scripts to process and export hundreds of maps at once.

Spatial Databases

Spatial Databases is now included as a standard feature. Directly import feature classes from Esri Personal geodatabase (.mdb), File geodatabase (.gdb ) and ArcSDE servers. Use SQL queries and spatial filters to refine import. Basic functionality available for Mac.

MAP Web Author

Export Adobe Illustrator documents with GIS data to interactive HTML5 and Flash maps. Web maps complete with callouts, rollovers, layers, pan and zoom controls, and with all the underlying GIS attributes intact. Export maps without any additional coding or software requirements and embed them to any web page.

MAP Themes

Use MAP Themes to create dot density maps, charts and stylesheets for visually stunning thematic maps. Use classification methods to easily create data classes. In addition, create highly customizable MAP Theme Legends.

MAPublisher Panels

MAPublisher panels seamlessly integrate into the user interface and can be resized, moved, and docked just like native Adobe Illustrator panels.

MAP Point Plotter

The ability to place points onto a map is a fundamental part of cartography. Points can represent the locations of towns and cities, stores, airports, train stations and more. Instantly plot centroids and lat/long points onto any projected map in projected units, decimal degrees, or Degrees Minutes Seconds. Plot addresses directly on the map.

MAP Attributes

The attribute table holds map attribute information your vector line, area or point data. Add and remove columns, edit schemas, join tables and apply expressions to customize map attributes. Pin attributes to keep current even if artwork is not selected and navigate them using recordset navigation tools. A MAP Data Snapshot panel keeps attributes visible even after data is deselected for easy comparison. An Image data type that supports images imported from Avenza Maps and exported to Google Earth.

MAP Location

Plot MAP Locations anywhere on your maps. They can be used as annotations to identify map world or map page locations and in other MAPublisher tools such as Specify Anchors, Area Plotter, Line Plotter,Point Plotter, and the new Georeferencer.


Georeference data with the help of MAP Locations. Give spatial properties to a non-referenced map by establishing a relationship between page locations in the document (using MAP Page Locations) and world locations. Use online map services to quickly find world coordinates to use in georeferencing.

MAP Toolbar

The MAPublisher Toolbar allows you to easily launch all the main MAPublisher tools in a single click. Tools are organized to better suit your cartographic workflow.

Find Places

Use Find Places to dynamically search for points of interest and add them to your map. Works great to quickly create a point dataset for any project. Searches are based on MapQuest database results.

Import & Export GIS Data

Import GIS data formats from ArcGIS, MapInfo, FME Desktop, Google and other industry leading formats. Connect to online map services to import data. Make vector and attribute edits and export MAP Views and MAP layers to a variety of GIS data formats. New options allow the entire document to be exported to a georeferenced image. New for MAPublisher 9.4, export the document to web tiles in MapBox and Tile Map Service formats. See all MAPublisher supported formats.


Buffer, join, spline, flip, crop and simplify lines at the click of a button. Join Areas to dissolve multiple features into a larger feature and still retain attributes. Use the Area Plotter and Line Plotter tools to plot coordinates and draw features.

Path Utilities

Use Path Utilities to perform path operations on lines and areas. Add detail, copy vertices to a point layer, find self intersection points, remove duplicate points, and convert beziers to polylines. Convert compounds to groups and create an elevation plot based on features.

Text Utilities

Text Utilities performs many text actions such as correcting upside down text, separating multiline text into single line and cropping text path to text length.


Create labels for map objects using values from the MAP Attributes panel. Use the Label Features tool to add labels to layers automatically; and MAP Tagger and Contour Tagger Tools to apply labels individually. Achieve advanced labelling with MAPublisher LabelPro™. More rules, styles and sophisticated labelling engine results in more efficient and better placed labels.


Use Automation to configure settings that intiate MAPublisher operations upon data import to automate map production, such as manage MAP Views, apply MAP Theme stylesheets, create grids and graticules, label using MAP LabelPro, and export to geospatial PDF. Use in conjuction with MAPubilsher FME Auto for a fully automated cartographic workflow.

Create Halos

The Create Halo tool produces halo graphic styles and applies halos to area, line, point and text features.

Create Knockouts

Create Knockouts automatically generates masks behind text to hide underlying lines and enhance map readability. Great for contour labels and road labels.

Register Imagery

Register images accurately to your vector data. It’s easier to import images now using the new Image MAP Layer. Rasters automatically scale to the extents of the appropriate coordinate system.

MAP Objects

Easily copy MAP Objects such as MAP Views, MAP Locations, MAP Selections and MAP Themes from other Adobe Illustrator documents.

Measurement Tool

Measure straight distances (between two points), path distances (multiple points), azimuths and the perimeter and area of closed paths—in page or map unit (real world distances). Measuring path can be converted to a line or area.

Vector Crop Tool

Crop map documents only to the area of interest. Easily remove unwanted data while preserving attributes and styles. Perfect for creating inset maps. New Crop to Shape function allows you to crop to any shape.

Map Elements

Easily add customizable map elements such as scale bars and north arrows Choose from preset designs or edit an existing one. MAP Theme Legends creates highly customizable legends for your thematic data.

License Management

Easily manage license options including commercial, academic, multi-user and floating. Empower multiple users on a network with cost effective network or floating licenses.

Grids & Graticules

Redesigned to easily create map grids and map indexes. More controls and ability to create multiple grids will provide highly customized looks. Graticules can be created for reference purposes or to follow designated lines such as latitude and longitude and can also be labelled for indexing. When a labeled grid has been established, MAPublisher is able to generate index files, containing the location of text objects in MAP Layers.

MAP Selections

MAP Selections let you to build, edit and apply multiple selection criteria based on the attributes and properties contained in MAP Layers. Create Spatial filters to select data based on intersection or containment. Selection criteria are created in an expression builder and can be applied to any MAP layer and. Saved MAP Selections can be applied to new or existing selections.


The latest release of MAPublisher is available for Windows 7/8 and Intel-based Mac systems. MAPublisher is fully compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS6 and the latest Creative Cloud (2015) on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. See complete product compatibility.

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